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   Smart Watch Pro
Pro 312 Smart Watch / Smart Braclete

Product Functions

1 Calling & Bluetooth & Notification


Dial: Bluetooth call via cellphone, talk at the watch end.
Phonebook: Sync all the contacts in the cellphone, max is 400 people.
Call logs: Sync all the calls history in the cellphone.
SMS: Sync all the messages in the cellphone (Not support iOS phone yet).


Search the device you want connect, or disconnect the devices.
It will remind all the notifications from cellphone, such as Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, SMS etc. it has to connect “Fundo” first.

2 Monitors
Sleep monitor:
The smart watch will turn on it automatically from 9p.m to 9a.m. It records your sleep duration and quality, help you adjust a better rest time, improve sleep quality. Slide up enter options; Status, On and Off; History, check out deep sleep and light sleep; instruction.
Heart rate monitor:
wear the watch tightly with your wrist, best position would be upper of the hand-wrist, around 20 seconds it will shows the real time heart rate data, slide down menu into history, mode includes single measure and continuous measure; and instruction. Generally speaking, normal value is 60-90 times/min.
adopt optical heart rate and ECG combine technology, about 30 seconds can show the data, after test will appear To APP, means ECG data save to phone “ Fundo”.
Blood pressure:
in the measuring time, please lay the hand flat, about 48 seconds later will show the data. Generally speaking, blood pressure increases with age, female lower than male.

3 Sport Modes
accurate monitoring the movement data, in the meantime will start heart rate monitor.  Slide up enter heart rate value, show you current heart rate. Slide down return sport mode, click the button sport mode, will popup Stop and Pause.
check the steps you walked during the day, calories burn and walk distance. Everyday 0 o’clock all the data will be saved automatically and reset to 0. Slide up enter option; status, on and off; history, it can check 7 days local records; Goal, set a target for everyday steps; put into all your information, such as Gender, Height, Weight etc. for more accurate measure your steps data.

4 Camera & Music
Remote shot (while connected with cellphone):
Turn on the camera in cellphone, turn the remote camera in the watch, take a photo by watch, photo save in cellphone side.
Music Player:
Bluetooth Music is able to control the music playing in mobile.

5 Time Functions
Alarm: can setting 5 alarm, long press can cancel alarm.
Single timing, tap the left icon to start timing, and tap to pause, tap again for cumulative time.
clock type, there are 4 standby watch faces to choose;
Time synchronization:
default as turn on, after connecting to the phone will sync the phone time, if you want to manually adjust the time, you need turn it off;

6 Answer the call
support for call turnover mute, alarm flip over mute, gesture wake up system (ie It is to raise the hand to automatically light screen), shake to answer the call;

7 Other Functions


click “find phone”, connected phone will be ringing warning, after find the phone, tap “End” of the phone to stop the alarm, it works both watch and Apps sides.

There is two UI themes for choice.
Auto synchronization is turned on by default. After the mobile phone is connected, the mobile phone language will be synchronized. To manually select the language, turn it off;
Bluetooth Setting:
Turn on/off the Bluetooth in watch.
you can select the profile, select Ringtones, select notification ringtones;
adjustable volume for media, ring tones, notifications, etc.;
Power-saving mode:
turn watch on to enter clock mode, other functions are turned off; display, access to adjustable screen brightness and backlight off duration;
select the data unit is metric or imperial;
QR code:
enter into QR code, mobile browser open scan can download “Fundo”
Set a long-time reminder of sit, remind you have a stand when time up.
Restore the factory settings:
generally, if there is a software problem happens, restore the factory settings can be resolved;
The watch model and software version.
Data transmission:

mobile phone to download Fundo App, after the connection is successful, either steps data, heart rate data, the sleep quality, multiple sports can be transmitted to the mobile end.

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