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   Common Questions
How to become our distributor?

Dropshipping is an excellent way to start an ecommerce business without worrying about inventory or shipping. It’s as simple as listing a product for sale on your website or online stores, and sending an email to your supplier to ship the item on your behalf whenever you get an order.

While starting a dropshipping business is a great way to start an ecommerce business. Though digging deep through the internet to find a reliable supplier is tough, today there is opportunity for us to know each other. We can help you achieve the dream of starting your own business, you don’t need to invest in goods preparation and to worry about logistics. You can just REGISTER your online store in your interested online platforms, no matter where you are, as long as it is available. Then, place an order to us, we will deliver the goods on behalf of you.

How to use our DROPSHIPPING

Now that you have your store filled with products ready to sell and dropship, what do you do once you get your first order?

1 Place an your customers’ order to us through our online stores;
2 When you pay,
1) leave a message of your customer’s name and shipping address;
2) send us an email about your customers’ name and shipping address;
3 We will deliver the goods on behalf of you. Then, we will send you the logistics number for filling on your online store platform.

About Dropshipping Price

The price for our distributers is different from that on our online stores, which is retail price. But it is factory and competitive price for our ling-term and stable distributors. For more details about our price, please contact us.

If you are interested in cooperating with us as a distributor, please e-mail the following information to us for review,

You name/company name;
The name of your online stores (if you have registered; if you are intending to register an online store, we still support people interested in our products and engaging in business and marketing).
Your mobile phone number;
Which products are you interested in and why?

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