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What can a smart watch do?

1. Just like regular watches, a smartwatch is able to tell the time and for fashionable reasons, many      people prefer to wear a watch. Therefore, with the added functionality and features of a smartwatch, they have proven to be more trendy.

2. They qualifty as an effective assistant. For example, during traveling, a smartwatch will vibrate on different, unique frequencies on the wrist to communicate the required directions to follow. This is similar to the maps feature on a smartphone.

3. Smartwatches have an added “Find Your Phone" feature that enables a user to tell the location of the smartphone it is codependent on through ringing or vibrating.

4. Functions as a fitness assistant or guide for your health goals and if you have any health concerns. Most devices are fitted with hardware acceleration tools that are effective for measuring the pulse rate, walking distance, sleep patterns and more.

5. It easily and conveniently answers calls and messages. Since some smartwatches come with cellular and voice support, they are more accessible on the wrist compared to a smartphone where you have to pick it out of your pocket or look for it in your bag.

6. Due to their co-dependence with a linked smartphone, all social media notifications and applications can be easily accessed through a tap on the wrist.

7. Most people hide away their cell phones in backpacks and drawers every time they're heading for a swim or go to the gym. However, with most smartwatches being water resistant and tightly strapped on the wrist, this is no longer required. Therefore, you can still answer your calls, write emails and maintain a social media presence even while performing these activities.

There are effective smartwatch applications made specifically for these activities. They could come with the factory settings or you'll be able to download them from the app store.

8. The battery life of a smartwatch can be very decent. Because of its size, you would think that a smartwatch isn't able to last long without charging it frequently. However, their battery life is most of the time much longer than the battery life of a smartphone, with some models going for up to 10 days on a single charge.

9. You have access to music, videos and more entertainment on your watch. Since it is able to connect to the internet, you can access applications like YouTube.

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